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Additional Services
Doggy Daycare $25
Hydrobath $25
Nails $10
Bushwalking $25
Pamper Package $5
Training POA

My pet requires medication to be administered by Australian Pet Boarding during their stay. If yes, please provide detailed requirements in comments section below. An additional charge of $4 per pet will apply to administer medications.(required)

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Terms and Conditions

  • All pets collected after 11.00am will be charged that days tariff.
  • Pets collected on a Public Holiday or during School Holidays will be charged that days tariff regardless of pick up time.
  • All dogs must have C5 vaccination.
  • All cats must be vaccinated with feline 3 vaccination.
  • All male dogs must be desexed.
  • If medications are to be administered during its stay, the owners must provide adequate details of dosage, how to administer and any potential side effects. An additional charge of $4 per pet will apply to administer medications.
  • A copy of the current vaccination certificate must be presented when dropping off your pet to Australian Pet Boarding.
  • If the said dog/cat requires veterinary attention, the owner hereby authorises the proprietors to engage the services of a veterinary surgeon. All costs associated with engaging the veterinarian will be paid for by the owner including but not limited to the cost of any medicines, drugs, operations, out of pocket expenses and any other costs associated with said engagement.
  • The proprietors shall not be liable for contraction of any foreign canine or feline viruses or the loss, death, tick poisoning, snake bite or injury to the said dog/cat whether by sickness, accident or otherwise.
  • In the event of sudden death of the said dog/cat the owner/agent hereby gives permission for a post-mortem to be conducted and agrees to pay all associated costs.
  • If the said dog/cat is not collected within 14 days from the date of departure, and no communication is received from the owner/agent, authority is granted to the proprietors to sell or otherwise dispose of the dog/cat at the proprietors discretion.

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you and your pets at Australian Pet Boarding.

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Thanks for your interest in using our dog boarding and cat boarding services at Australian Pet Boarding! The easiest way to secure your booking with Australian Pet Boarding is to complete this online booking form. We provide all meals, bedding, toys, food bowls, playmates and most importantly love and affection for your pet! So, it’s best if you leave these at home for when your pet returns for safe keeping. Remember to bring your current vaccination certificate at the time of check-in!

Please note that Australian Pet Boarding DO NOT BOARD ENTIRE MALES.

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Doggy Daycare pet owners can use this form to submit their daycare booking. Daycare available between 8.00am and 3.00pm every day except Wednesdays and Saturdays.